Value of a Web Directory

Web directories have been existence for a long time for search engine optimization and the worldwide web. But, does a web directory provide value like before, especially in the age of Artificial Intelligence updates? Well, continue to read to find out more. Numerous benefits come with web directories. In this article, we are going to discuss some essential roles of web directories and its benefits for businesses.


Every business marketing strategy requires disclosure. The more people get to know your business, the more products or services you are more likely to sell. If online users cannot see your website or even don’t have an idea that it exists, then you are probably not going to do much to win them.

Worldwide web

Millions of online users use web directories daily to find information, resources, and products they are interested in. They are actively looking for websites that relate to your business. And since they are already searching, your work is to make it easier for them to find you. Web directories will give your business the exposure it requires for online users to find it easily.

Increased Traffic

There are different ways web directories can help increase traffic to your website. For beginners, the more you expose your business, the more people are likely to check it out. However, web directories offer more than just marketing to potential leads.

They also expose your website to search engine spiders such as YouTube and Google crawlers. This increases your chance of being seen on the search engine results page, which, in turn, allows people to know your business when they search for products and services regularly.

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Affordable Advertising

 As a business person, you know the importance of advertising. It helps potential customers to find you and understand your brand and name. You may not have sufficient funds for more advertising at the moment.

This is one benefit of including your business in a web directory. Web directories are cheap to join and give your business much exposure at an affordable rate. Some web directories will let you list your website for free, while others charge a small fee.

Whichever way, your business gets enough exposure for a cheaper amount than what you would have spent on the radio or TV advertisements.

Professional Appearance

You want your business to look professional in the eyes of millions of customers. The benefit of being professional is that it improves your status and make people want to associate with your business. Web directories can help make your business appear professional. When an online user comes across your website in a web directory, they will automatically regard your business as an authority on your area of expertise and a reliable place to do business.

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SEO Benefits

Web directories have some search engine optimization benefits too. First and foremost, these web directories provide more inbound links. When a user stumbles upon your website link in a web directory, they can click on it and automatically be re-directed to your site.

This is an excellent way to attract more traffic to your website in the eyes of search engine spiders. The more backlinks your site had, the more easily search engine crawlers find your website relevant, and thus, you rank highly on search engine results.

This is true of authoritative web directories. When you are linked to a web directory such as Google My Business, for instance, your website becomes more relevant to search engine bots. As a result, your website will be able to rank up on the search engine results pages. And as you may already know, the higher you are on the SERP, the easier it is for people to find you.