What is a Web Directory?

A web directory is a handmade list of websites used for finding other websites easily. The difference between this and a search engine is that web directories are listings organized by human reviewers, while search engines are put together by computerized systems.

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Also, directories put emphasis on linking to the site’s home pages and try to minimalize deep linking. All of this makes directories more beneficial for encountering sites instead of separated pages.

How Do Web Directories work?

The majority of the web directories enumerate websites by topic, which gives them the alternative name of “subject directories”. They are inventoried by real people and not software programs as I said above, and these people are the ones that pinpoint which websites should be incorporated to the list on a per-site center.

After the list is settled, in order to add new content to a web directory, the titleholder has to enter the link, title, and any additional information they want to incorporate by hand. After it, varying on how the directory works, the titleholder may as well let other website owners ask for their site to be included in the directory. In these cases, directory submissions can be a free option or require payment depending on the owner and the specific directory.

On web directories, most commonly there are two different ways to find content: browse and/or search. Categories are every so often used to detach dissimilar sites and better shape the directory, but there’s typically also a search engine incorporated that allows you to search over the whole website.

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What’s the best option: a Web Directory or a Search Engine?

With all of this information that I just described, you may be questioning yourself whether you should use a web directory or a standard search engine whenever navigating the internet.

In spite of everything, a search engine has the chance to – and most probably will – find much more info since a web directory is rather partial and limited in what it lists.

The notion behind using a web directory is that you trust in what the owner is registering, and you basically put your blind faith in it. For instance, if one day you’re looking for streaming services or websites, and then you take a look and find a specifically designed, hand-picked list of “The Best Online Streaming Websites” rather than typing that and going through the options given by a search engine, then you could find yourself with less unrelated results, web pages with viruses, inappropriate content sites, etc., etc.

In the long run, the selection is yours. If you incline yourself to choose which websites you want to visit, a search engine is more useful for you. On the other hand, if you’re not sure where to look for finding “whatever-topic” most popular sites, then you may want to go for a web directory.

As a personal note, I have to tell you that a search engine modernizes itself far more frequently and quickly than a human person could ever bring up-to-date a human-managed directory. So this may be your best option if you’re looking for freshly submitted or updated content.

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